Learning ➜ Circuits

General or specific training can be provided for Circuits. General training consists of walking though basic circuit design.

The following list of example items which can be customized to your specific business.

  • Digital Design
    • Signal Integrity
    • Decoupling
    • Communication
    • Microcontroller/microprocessor
    • DDRx Memory
  • Analog Design
    • Power Supply Design
    • Design for EMC
    • ESD/Lightning/Transient Protection
    • Filters
  • Electronics 101 (for purchasing and other non-engineers)
    • Resistors / Capacitors / Inductors
    • More complex components
    • How to correctly indentify potention component subsitutions

Contact us for more details.

App Controlled Mesh Network Design and Locker System Demo

Fri Aug 6 09:26:44 2021

ZuiDesigns sponsored a Grand Valley State University senior project for 2021. The goal of the project was to create a mesh
network of small devices that could connect to and be controlled from a phone application. This design is now complete and being
presented at GVSU's annual design show.

As a proof of concept for the mesh network being a functional system, the senior project team chose to install the mesh network
in a system of lockers. Users can now check out indivial lockers to use, lock and unlock them as needed, and then return the locker
to an unused state.

The current status of the mesh system can be seen here.

The student created introduction to the project can be seen on YouTube.

Category: Hardware Design, Software Design, Circuits, Project Management

MSP432 Launchpad Switching Power Supply Shield

Tue Jul 28 22:06:59 2020

ZuiDesigns rarely gets to share PCB design images due to customer confidentiality, but this PCB was completed internally as a quick proof of concept of using the MSP432 as a PID controller to control a switch mode power supply. The design was completed in Altium with all component libraries in our own MySQL SVN Altium libraries (you can see an example of the resistors at altium.zuidesigns.com. The system allows us to quickly determine the best price and in stock options of our ZuiDesigns part numbers at our suppliers and immediately order. It allows prototypes to be purchased and managed without loading down a purchasing department.

Here are the front and back sides of the PCB. The switching power supply portion is at the bottom of the front side.

Category: Software Design, Hardware Design, Altium, Circuits, Microcontrollers

Circuits Example - More Complex Power and Power Factor using Phasors

Mon Mar 18 22:07:58 2019

I made an another example of complex power calculation and power factor with a slightly more difficult circuit using phasors.

Category: Circuits

Circuits Example - Calculating Complex Power and Power Factor using Phasors

Thu Mar 14 00:36:31 2019

I made a quick example of how to calculate complex power and power factor in a circuit by using phasors.

Category: Circuits

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